About Us

Welcome to Gatlin Didier’s Bar X Apparel! Gatlin's family has been farming and ranching since the late 1800’s in America. His roots run deep in country livin’ and the things he does reflects that lifestyle. Since 1902, the Didier Ranch has operated solely within the family and for over 100 years the family has used its brand - the Bar X.

Bar X resembles more than just a mark - it is the dusty backroads of the Oklahoma country side, it is the symbol of grit, hard work, and a no bullsh*t mentality; it is a mark of loyalty to ones friends and family, and it is all about supporting the blue collar Americans who make this great country run.

When you wear Bar X Apparel, whether on the farm, at school, to the City, or just out fishin’ - you wear the brand of country livin’.